Health Services

Child and Family Health Services are provided by various professionals, including the Health Visiting and Midwifery Services, and children centre staff.


"Milky Bar" Breastfeeding Cafe (incorporated into our Little Treasures group)

Are you a new mum, or a mum to be? Do you want advice, help or support with any feeding issues, both breast feeding and weaning? If so then come along any Friday between 9.45am and 11.30am. Qualified staff are available and one to one support can be arranged.
Our Bambis breastfeeding group has now been incorporated into our Little Treasures, for babies 0 - 12 months.

 Monthly themes will  support your babies holistic development, guidance on safer sleep and Healthy start vitamins.

For further advice contact any of the children centre team. Last year, to celebrate National Breast Feeding week, we had a specialist advisor from Marks and Spencer on site to give advice and correct bra fitting. We hope to arrange another date when this advisor will be available. To find out more about breastfeeding go to

Ante-Natal services

We know run a weekly ante natal maternity support clinic run by the midwifery team from the Liverpool Women’s Hospital every Friday 9.00-14.00 noon. These sessions are by appointment through your midwife or via the centre. Just contact the centre team or midwife to book your appointment.    

You can also hire a Birthing Pool for home births. Speak to your Midwife for further information.


PRAMS website and discussion forums

The key areas we are focussing on are:


  1. If you could improve anything about your care during pregnancy what would it be and what services would help?
  2. How much was your partner involved and supported during your pregnancy, birth and beyond?
  3. If you could improve anything about the information you received upon discharge from the labour ward, what would it be and what services would help?


The forums as live and there is no closure date for these topics at this current moment in time, but we will review these as time and involvement goes on.

Booking in clinic for newly pregnant women (Early Access Service)
We are now running, in conjunction with and run by midwives from the Women's Hospital, a booking in clinic for newly pregnant women. This Early Access clinic currently runs on a Monday and Tuesday from 12.30-4.00pm, and on a Wednesday from 8.30-1.00pm. All bookings will be arranged via The Womens Hospital. To arrange an appointment please phone on 0151 247 47 47. For further information contact the children centre.


We are rolling out Mamafit, both antenatal and postnatal.

Are you pregnant and would like to keep fit through your pregnancy, then this is for you.

Mamafit is a 6 week antenatal exercise course for pregnant women, taking place on a Wednesday at 2.00pm for 1 hour,Covering issues such as easing of back pain, having more energy to complete daily tasks and improving your sense of well being. The sessions also cover issues such as diet, flexibility and total body workouts.

Are you a new mum and want to get back in shape and feel fit, then this is for you.

Mamafit is a 6 week postnatal exercise course for new mums, Covering issues such as diet, body changes and relaxation, total body workouts, including exercise to strenghten your stomach, and pelvic floor to help get you in shape safely. Full details are on our homepage, including how to book etc.

If you are interested in either course, you will need to book your place on both of these courses at
Places are limited.

Post Natal Depression

Although we no longer run a drop-in session, if you are feeling tired, tearful or osolated, or struggling to cope then you can still contact PSS for advice and support. You will need to ring Amanda on 07595863155 to book an appointment, or for more information you can ring 0151 702 5533/5583

Parent Education classes

Regular sessions for parents to be, provided by Midwives from the Liverpool Women's Hospital, run from this centre on Wednesday evenings between 6.00-7.30pm, to help you to prepare for the birth and to be new parents. We now run 3 seperate sessions, Infant Feeding,Active Birth and Baby Know How (Previously called Welcome to Parenthood.) Active Birth sessions take place the 3rd Wednesday of each month. The Baby Know How sessions run on the 4th Wednesday of every month. We are now running a third session, which will take place on the 2nd Wednesday of the month preparing parents to be on any feeding issues. Just contact the centre to book your place. They are very informative and help you prepare to be a parent.  

Weaning clinic

Our Health Visiting service, alongside children centre staff, run sessions for advice on weaning on the first Thursday of each month between 10.30-11.30am. 

A drop-in "Baby Club"

Runs every Friday morning's between 9.00am and 11.45am for baby weighing and advice from our qualified health practitioners. Just drop in and speak to one of the Health Visiting Team!

The drop in is run in an open room, should you need to discuss any aspect of your childs health in private , please just ask!

Please ensure that you arrive no later than 11.30am to ensure you are able to be seen by a Health Professional.


To ensure that your child is up to date with their immunisations please liaise with our local Health Visiting Team, who will contact you directly when your childs immunisations are due.

 A Health Visitor is also always on site every Friday between 9.0-12.00pm, or speak to any of the children centre team for advice.

Developmental reviews

In conjunction with our Health Visitor Team colleagues, we now  hold developmental reviews for babies at 2 years of age and 3 years of age, on a Thursday morning 9.30-12.00pm (not the first Thursday of each month), These reviews are by appointment via the Health Visiting Team.

Your childs new E Red Book

Your new on-line E-Red Book is launching in Liverpool for all new parents and for parents and carers in general. This will replace your current Red Books. You will need to visit and please follow all the instructions on that web site.  

Baby Club room


Information table on Fag Ends

Stop smoking

Thinking about stopping smoking? If you are not ready to give up smoking but would like advice as to how to prevent your child from the effects of second hand smoking, then call in to see us as we may be able to help!For further details about stopping altogether contact Roy Castle Fag Ends visit: Also speak to a member of the children centre team about signing up for smoke free families.

Baby Yoga

Baby Yoga is aimed at babies from 4-8 months of age. Places are always in high demand and would need to be booked through the centre. If interested please contact the centre team on 0151 233 4930.

Baby babble

How and why do babies communicate? How do they show that they are pleased, excited, tired or needing something? Baby babble will offer a wide range of activities that promote communication and language skills. So encourage your child to communicate and devlop their language. These sessions are aimed at children under twelve months of age, and we to run them throughout the year. To book your place contact the centre team.

Room prepared for baby yoga

Baby Massage

Encourage relaxation and help with bonding with your baby with this 4 week course, aimed at babies under 8 months of age. Places are always in high demand and need to be booked through the centre. Due to the current high demand for these places, we are currently only taking names of families who live within our area. When the waiting list is reduced we will again open it up to all families.


Energy efficiency and advice

Energy efficiency is about using energy in your home in a way to make sure you are warm and comfortable; but not wasting this valuable resource and, at the same time, your money.

For more information visit

Dental health

If you need advice or guidance on dental hygiene just ask any of the centre team, who will try to obtain the best advice for you, working alongside our community Dental Health worker. Dental health guidance is also discussed at some weaning clinics. Free dental health brush pack for your child are often available.

Alder Hey Specialist Feeding Clinic

These clinics are booked through Alder Hey Hospital. The Specialist feeding clinic runs quarterly but we now also run a monthly community feeding clinic on the forth Wednesday of each month between 1.00-5.00pm.

Parents Guide to Money

A free booklet is available to all new parents to be. Ask for your copy at our reception or from any of the centre team.

There is also a new pregnancy care planner on the internet, giving advice on all you need to know to have a healthy and happy pregnancy. This includes advice before you are pregnant, your pregnancy and labour, you and your baby and general pregnancy topics. To find out more go to

Another useful website is a resource guide for young mums and dads.

C Card Scheme

Are you sexually active and under 24 years of age? Have you heard of the C Card scheme? Do you want to know more about this scheme and obtain sexual health advice? Come along to the centre to register for the scheme and speak to one of the team. You will also be able to receive free condoms.

C Card Scheme condoms